Liz is obsessed with drawing robots. She always loved to draw with her hands. Her work is gestural and messy. Each mark is an experiment, and each subsequent mark is a reaction to what is already there. She watches something emerge that she couldn’t foresee. The final product is unexpected. And when she found a pen plotter, she was drawn to the challenge it posed: how could she use a precise and predictable machine to covet the surprise that drove her art?

Her experiments with layers and materials are driven by her own curiosity. She welcomes error, mistakes, and glitches— all traces of the perfect machine being imperfect.

Drawing robots have been a perfect fit for her probing mind. It opened up many rabbit holes for her to crawl down: creative coding, generative art, mathematics, and most recently engineering as she tries to build her own robots. 

She has her studio in Creative Cluster in the fifth district of Vienna. She comes to Austria after five years in Lisbon where she ran a cultural association called Curious Monkey and still runs a monthly storytelling event called Storytelling Lisboa.

Previously, she spent a lot of time writing both creatively and as a journalist, publishing in The Washington Post, Marie Claire, The Guardian, and New York Magazine’s The Cut among others. She is also a National Geographic photographer—it was only one picture of a pizza and is in one of their kids’ books, but it still counts, right?!

She is originally from San Francisco, California. She graduated from Columbia University in New York with a degree in literature (back when she read things other than Reddit) and has graduate degrees in both psychology and writing.